Shape Tomorrow, Vote Today!

Did you know there are approximately 59,000 registered voters in Lowell?  In the 2016 presidential election, approximately 35,000 of them voted.  In the past two city elections, far fewer participated – 10,714 in 2015 and just 11,581 in 2013.

We believe that if more people were to vote in local elections, the city of Lowell and all here would benefit.  To help make that happen, join with other Lowellians in a nonpartisan, grassroots effort to increase participation in the next city election, especially in neighborhoods with historically low turnout and among groups that have faced barriers to voting.


Guía des votantes 2017 (español)

Guía des votantes.


2017 Voter Guide

View the guide!

2017 Candidates on the Web

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Cory Belanger
Social media: Facebook

Joseph P. Boyle
Social media: Facebook

Sokhary Chau
Social media:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Karen Cirillo
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David Conway
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Rodney Elliott
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Daniel Finn
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Robert Gignac
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Marty Hogan
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Edward Kennedy
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John Leahy
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James Leary
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Matthew LeLacheur
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Rita Mercier

Robert Merrill
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James Milinazzo
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Jose Willie Negron
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Vesna Nuon
Social media: Facebook, Twitter

Daniel Rourke
Social media: Facebook, Twitter

William Samaras
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Pan So
No information available

Jeffrey Wilson
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Paul Ratha Yem

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Timothy Blake
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Noelle Creegan
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Andre Descoteaux
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Jacqueline Doherty
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Dominik Lay
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Robert Hoey

Connie Martin
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Dennis Mercier
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Gerard Nutter
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Daniel Shanahan
No information available

2017 Kickoff

People watch presentation at meetingWe had a great first meeting of 2017 last week! Thanks to all who came, but don’t worry if you missed it, there’s lots of ways to do your bit going forward. Read over the list of committees below and their planned action items see if there’s one you might want to join! Email to get connected.

Click here for full notes.

Neighborhood and Multicultural, Meeting in February

  • Recruit and advocate for translators at polling locations
  • Engage with faith-based communities with information and encouragement
  • Organize multi-ethnic meet ups for civic engagement in each neighborhood

Events, Next Meeting Tuesday, Jan 31

  • Go to existing events to distribute voting information and register voters
  • Identify events that will make biggest impact and recruit volunteers
  • Plan a special summer/fall rally event

Canvassing and Voter Contact, House Party Meeting TBD

  • Contact voters door-to-door to collect input into the questions for a candidate survey
  • Later distribute voter guides door-to-door
  • Consider a “non-binding” ballot initiative to drive civic engagement by underserved communities

Youth Outreach, TBD

  • Organize and advocate for Civics Day at Lowell High School with meetings with councils, city officials, and shadowing in various departments
  • Create a Youth Commission to advise City on Policies and provide input
  • Lowell Votes Youth Survey to solicit input on how youth want to be involved

Media and Education, TBD

  • Create a separate Twitter to re-tweet all local political topics
  • Create section of website for candidates materials like press releases
  • Create a multilingual candidate guide with informative website

Breakout Group at Lowell Votes