Lowell Votes Shop

Lowell Votes has a mission to encourage as many Lowellians to vote and become active in the city as we can. We have a small squad of dedicated volunteers and partners, but we still need to help cover costs. This includes things like printing out voter guides for preliminary and general elections, and getting supplies for events we attend in the community.

This year, using our free Civicons set, we have created a store where you can help support us in those efforts very easily, while also getting to wear cool stuff! 

Visit the Neighborhood Store!

This store features  shirts, totes, and bumper stickers with neighborhood logos developed as part of our Civcons set. This even includes a few “Legacy” neighborhoods with interesting stories, like Wigginville and Little Canada. Here you can purchase shirts, totes, and bumper stickers featuring some of our favorite places and things in Lowell!


Store FAQS:

How much of my purchase goes toward your organization?

Roughly $1.50-7 depending on the item. We wanted to strike a balance between affordability, quality, and maintainability. Orders are fulfilled by Teespring. At this time we do NOT offer in-area in-person sales, maybe someday!

How were places and things chosen?

They are based off recognizability, visual interest, and just generally what felt right. Some are close together, some are at borders for context. See a full icon set with some explanations at lowellvotes.org/civicons

Find An Error? Have a suggestion?

Sorry about that! Email us, subject line “Map Correction” or “Map Suggestion” at info at lowellvotes dot org!