About Us


Lowell Votes is a nonpartisan multilingual Coalition working to ensure our government is representative, responsive, transparent and accountable to the people and the community it serves. Through advocacy, education, and engagement, we work to lower barriers to civic participation and voting for all residents in Lowell, particularly those who have been historically underrepresented.


We envision a local and statewide civic infrastructure and local government that is transparent and proactively engages residents regardless of their background, in civics education and participatory democracy. We envision a welcoming accessible government that fosters trust and shared responsibility, producing a democracy that meets the needs, opportunities and challenges facing our diverse communities.


We will know we’re successful when there is:

Greater turnout: We want Lowell to have the highest voting turnout in the Commonwealth, both as a proportion of registered voters and a proportion of voting-eligible residents.

More equal turnout: We want voting-eligible members of every neighborhood and every demographic group to understand the importance of voting and have equal access to voting.

Deeper understanding: We want all citizens to be able to articulate the issues critical to them that they can influence through voting.


Create and provide tools to a team of volunteers and partner organizations. The team will make personal contact with voters and potential voters to encourage, educate, and support them by meeting them where they are: in churches, stores, parks, community events, and most especially, at their front doors.