We are . . .

. . . a nonpartisan effort to encourage and support all citizens of the City of Lowell to shape their community through voting with a special emphasis on those who face barriers to voting or have historically low turnout rates.

We will do this through facilitating strategic and tactical coordination and cooperation between existing organizations, groups, and concerned citizens and by providing tools to assist in voter education and encouragement.


We will know we’re successful when there is….

Greater turnout:  We want Lowell to have the highest voting turnout n the Commonwealth both as a proportion of registered voters and a proportion of voting-eligible residents.

More equal turnout:  We want voting-eligible members of every neighborhood and every demographic group to understand the importance of voting and have equal access to voting.

Deeper understanding:  We want all citizens to be able to articulate the issues critical to them that they can influence through voting.


Create and provide tools to a team of volunteers and partner organizations. The team will make personal contact with voters and potential voters to encourage, educate, and support them by meeting them where they are: in churches, stores, parks, community events, and most especially, at their front doors.

Become a Member

Do you want a better place for you, your family and friends to live in? Are you excited by the idea of increasing voter turnout in Lowell?  Do you want to connect with engaged neighbors who are passionate about the city?

Then become a member of Lowell Votes.  It’s easy super easy.  You can sign up online, come to a public meeting , or visit us at an upcoming event.

You can find out more here:


We want those how are engaged and excited about Lowell Votes to feel empowered to participated and contribute.  These resources are designed to assist you in spreading the word to others.  Find resources here – https://www.lowellvotes.org/resources/.

Steering Committee

Coordinate the activities of committees and provide a central hub for information and problem-solving  – Upcoming AgendaMeeting Notes, Upcoming Meetings

The Steering Committee consists of subcommittee chairs, officers, and other interested members.

Action Committees

Canvassing and Outreach

Cut turf and coordinate door-knocking, identify and recruit block captains, phone bank, do mailings and train canvassers – Team documents

  • Jack Mitchell


Plan and make presentations to groups (churches, neighborhoods, school, etc), plan and hold rallies, table at existing events, and promote other events – Team documents

Education and Information

Creates materials about how city government works, why voting is important, voter guides, and educational programs – Team documents, Team Email – lv-eduinfo@googlegroups.com

Media, Marketing and Fundraising

Create branding and marketing campaigns, develop website and maintain social media, create promotional materials such as t-shirts and buttons, interface with traditional media, organize interviews and advertising, seek and apply for grants and reach out for private donations. – Team documents

  • Christopher Glenn Hayes