Voting: How/Where

Voter Registration

You need to be registered before you can vote. The registration deadlines are:
  • Wednesday, September 1, 2021 (8PM) for Preliminary Municipal Election
  • Wednesday, October 13, 2021 (8PM) for Municipal Election

You may check your voter information by calling the Election & Census Office at (978) 674-4046 or online at MA Online Voter Registration System


How to Register

Qualified Lowell residents have the following options available to complete voter registration:

  • In Person – at the City of Lowell’s Election Office during regular and special office hours to complete a voter registration form in person.
  • OnlineClick here to complete an online voter application through the Secretary of State’s website. 
  • By Mail-in Registration Form – Forms are available at the City Election Commission, local libraries, branches of the U.S. Post Office, any Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles while conducting a registry transaction, neighborhood health clinics, public housing locations, various social service agencies, and various other locations throughout the state. To have a Registration form mailed to you, call the State Elections Division at 800-462-VOTE (8683), or call the City Election Commission at 978-674-1200.

Fill the form out completely and sign it at the bottom. Mail the form to:
Election Commission
375 Merrimack Street
Room 5
Lowell, MA 01852


If you want to vote early (Wednesday, October 20th- Friday, October 29th)…


October 20th: Senior Center 8am-4pm and Pawtucket Memorial School 5pm-8pm

October 21st: Senior Center 8am-4pm and McAvinnue School 5pm-8pm
October 22nd: Senior Center 8am-4pm and Greenhalge School 5pm-8pm
October 23rd: Senior Center 9am-3pm and Greenhalge School 4pm-8pm
October 24th: Senior Center 9am-3pm and J.G. Pyne 4pm-8pm
October 25th: Senior Center 8am-4pm and J.G Pyne 5pm-8pm
October 26th: Senior Center 8am-4pm and Butler Middle School 5pm-8pm
October 27th: Senior Center 8am-4pm and Lowell High School 5pm-8pm
October 28th: Senior Center 8am-4pm and Morey School 5pm-8pm
October 29th: Senior Center 8am-4pm and Dailey School 5pm-8pm
You can also refer to the community calendar on the City of Lowell’s website here:

If you’re voting on Election Day (Tuesday, November 2nd)… 

*Voting on Election Day requires you to vote at the respective polling location(s) for the District that you reside in.

Find My District

There are 8 districts in Lowell. Visit the site below, search your address, and find out what district you live in!

Find My Polling Location

Once you know what district you reside in, you can make a plan to vote at the respective locations below!
District 1: Pawtucketville Memorial School (425 W Meadow Rd) and the McAvinnue School (117 Mammoth Road​)
District 2: Robinson School (110 June Street​)
District 3: Reilly School (115 Douglas Road​)
District 4: Lowell High School (50 Father Morissette Blvd) and Rogers School (43 Highland Street​)
District 5: Butler School (1140 Gorham St)
District 6: Morey School (114 Pine Street​)
District 7: Senior Center (276 Broadway Street​)
District 8: Daley School (150 Fleming Street​) and Collegiate Charter School (1857 Middlesex Street)
You can also refer to the City of Lowell’s website for polling locations here:

Voting By Mail

The application to vote by mail is due by 5PM on Wednesday, October 27th.

Click here for the English application

Click here for the Spanish application

Click here for the Khmer application

There are two ways that you can submit your completed application:

  1. Mail it to this address:
    Elections & Census Office
    375 Merrimack Street
    Basement, Room 5
    Lowell, MA 01852 
  2. Email it to this contact: 


Returning Your Completed Mail-in Ballot

You may return you ballots at anytime before Election Day (11/2).  Ballots must reach the Election & Census Office by the close of polls on Election Day in order to be counted.

Completed ballots may be returned by:

  1. Mail to the Elections & Census Office at the address provided above
  2. In person to City Hall at a secure Ballot Box location:

Two Ballot Box Locations: 375 Merrimack Street

  1. Outside City Hall at entrance to JFK Plaza, adjacent to public notice board (monitored and open for drop-offs 24/7)
  2. Outside City Hall at entrance on Merrimack Street, to the left of the steps (may be locked during non-business hours)

Visit here for more information on Voting by Mail in Lowell


Election System Changes in Lowell

To learn more about the new district and at-large “hybrid” system of elections for Lowell City Council and Lowell School Committee, please visit Your Lowell Your Vote

2021 Election Calendar