Our Team: Collective Action Partners and Leaders

Lowell Votes currently has no open positions, but if you would like to be informed of future opportunities, please email info@lowellvotes.org

Lowell Votes is a Coalition made up of one full-time Coordinator, 4 lead agencies, (CBA, CMAA, LCCE and Lowell Alliance), with Lowell TeleMedia Center, Merrimack Valley Project, and Solidarity Lowell as member organizations that provide additional support and resources to reach Lowell Votes goals. We have approximately 20 resident volunteers actively supporting the work in different ways and 6 additional organizational/faith community participating allied entities. 

We are looking to collaborate with more emerging coalition lead agencies as well as supporting member organizations! Become a member here

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Yasmine Weil-Pourfard  She/her
Lowell Votes Coalition Coordinator

Yasmine has served as the Lowell Votes Coalition Coordinator since June of 2022. She was led to this work by her dedication to power building in BIPOC and low-income communities. Prior to her role as Coordinator, Yasmine was a Community Organizer at Lowell Alliance where she served on several Lowell Votes planning committees, co-led the RISE Coalition, and worked to advance racial equity in the City through the DEI Consortium of Lowell. 

Yasmine was born in Eugene Oregon to a working-class Iranian-American immigrant household. She began organizing at the age of twelve when she fought alongside her community to petition the city to allow the creation of a local farmers’ market which supported immigrant-owned businesses and provided subsidized local produce. Since then her organizing work has centered around a variety of issues surrounding racial justice and healing, domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy, accessible public transportation, food security, voter education and mobilization, and community building. She holds a B.A. in Political Science and Migration Studies from Hampshire College.


Our Current Committees are:

Steering Committee

Coordinate the activities of committees and provide a central hub for information and problem solving. Consists of subcommittee chairs, officers, and other interested members.

Lowell Votes Coalition Lead Agencies:

Lowell Alliance

Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association (CMAA)

Latinx Community Center for Empowerment (LCCE)

Coalition for a Better Acre (CBA)

Partnerships and Operations

Chair: Yasmine Weil-Pourfard (she/her)

Nancy Coan (she/her)

Yun-Ju Choi (she/her)

Sothea Chiemruom (he/him)

Communications and Public Education

Co-Chair: Yasmine Weil-Pourfard (she/her)

Co-Chair: Johanna Danas (she/her)

Mark Van Der Hyde (he/him)

Belinda Juran (she/her)

Cecilia Gutierrez Yapur (she/her)

Luciano Paskevicius (he/him)

Elizabeth Anusauskas (she/her)

Field Outreach

Cut turf, coordinate canvassing sessions, train canvassers, identify and recruit block captains, materials distribution, phone bank, and mailings.

Yasmine Weil-Pourfard (she/her)

Youth Development and Engagement

Chair: Maria Aybar (she/her)

Justin Ford (he/him)

Diego Leonardo (he/him)

Johanna Danas (she/her)

Tara Hong (he/him)

Fallon Manyika (she/her)

Yasmine Weil-Pourfard (she/her)

Katerynne Patino (she/her)

Lowell Community Health Center Teen BLOCK


Chair: Nancy Coan (she/her)

Elizabeth Anusauskas (she/her)

Yasmine Weil-Pourfard (she/her)

Johanna Danas (she/her)

Yun-Ju Choi (she/her)


Seek and apply for grants and reach out for private donations.

Anchor Organization: Lowell Votes

Core partner Organizations and their Executive Directors

Additional volunteer positions are available for field outreach work.
Visit Get Involved or contact info@lowellvotes.org for more information