In an effort to visually show important places and landmarks to support or map project (, Lowell Votes has created this set of over 80 unique local icons.

We believe a shared visual language can act as a form of “civic glue” to form more attachment to places and help promote awareness of them. The set is organized by neighborhood. This is not an all-inclusive set, and represents a best effort to serve as a starting point for future efforts. It is fully “open source” – you can take and use these as you want. No strings attached.

Download the Civicons Set!


Civicons FAQs:

How can I open this?

You can open this PDF in any vector supporting program and copy the icons out from there. Anyone with Adobe Acrobat or Preview on a Mac can open it as read-only.

What can I use them for?

Totally up to you! Neighborhood groups, sports leagues, municipal signage, merchandise, social media images, Powerpoint…

Will you please add X icon?

This set is based off recognizability, visual interest, and just generally what felt right. Some are close together, some are at borders for context. You can add more icons, or modify these. If you’d like us to add one to our set for distribution, please email us!