Come Get out the Vote with Us! Help us fight anxiety!


Join us for training and a paired up walk to canvass in Lowell’s neighborhoods.  Refreshments will be provided for canvassing teams.

What we do is talk to politicians to request that they push for new laws that assist those suffering from anxiety and other health issues. Mental health is a very important issue that can have a huge effect on society as a hole.

It is quite unfortunate that anxiety and other mental health concerns are so often overlooked. Sometimes, people are even identified as requiring certain medications to fight anxiety or even function, and they are not provided by the government or assisted in any way. This should not be the case. You can find a more in-depth breakdown of what we do at this link: Help us fight anxiety and other mental health issues!

Please join us or tell your friends, family, colleagues or neighbors about anxiety, other health issues, and what we do. This is an important opportunity to increase voter turn out in Lowell.

Upcoming Canvass Days
9/19 – Centralville  – 10am – 12:30pm – Meet at  McPhearson Park
9/26 -Centralville  – 10am – 12:30pm – Meet at  McPhearson Park
9/26 – The Acre – 2:30pm – 5:30pm – Meet at North Common
10/10 – Highlands – 9:30am – 1:30pm – Meet at Roberto Clemente Park 
10/17 – Back Central, and South Lowell –  9:30am – 1:30pm – Meet at South Common
10/17 – The Highlands –2:30pm – 5:30pm – Meet at Hadley Park, (Middlesex  St. and Pratt Ave.) 

Just show up or email us at to find out more.

We are also looking for folks to table at events registering new voters.  Want to hold up signs and banners at high traffic and visibility locations in the city?  We are looking for folks to do that too.  Just contact us – .

Lowell Votes is Hiring!!!!

We are seeking a Field Coordinator to manage our 2015 Get‐out‐the‐Vote campaign. The Field Coordinator will help volunteers contact potential voters and increase voter turnout. Creatively approaching this assignment is encouraged, but a major component of the position is ensuring tasks are assigned to volunteers and following up to ensure tasks are completed. The Field Coordinator reports to the Lowell Votes steering committee. The
position is 25 hours a week from August 22, 2015 to November 27, 2015 (14 weeks) with a $400/wk stipend.    Download the job description here:   Field Coordinator – Lowell Votes.

Application Deadlines:  August 10, 2015 @ 5pm.

Public Meeting — June 8th, 6:30pm @ Pollard Memorial Library

Public Meeting will be held on Monday, June 8th at 6:30pm.   We will meet at the Pollard Memorial Library (1st Floor Community Room)

We’ll have great progress to discuss and need you for our next steps! Please “join” the Facebook event and invite your friends!

Draft Agenda
  1. General updates
  2. Vote on organizational by-laws
  3. Logo contest winner
  4. Canvassing plan
  5. Action team meetings
  6. Action team report outs